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Creative Dimensions Photography


My love for photography started in Girl Scouts as a teen. After pursuing photography in college, I started shooting professionally (weddings and events) but took a hiatus to become a graphic artist. BUT...I'm back at it because I love to shoot – whether it's senior portraits (my fave), content photos, or special events (I no longer shoot weddings).


Capturing the essence of the child, family, or event is what makes shooting rewarding. Each child has their own personality and it's my job to let their personality shine through the lens. I use natural lighting for all portraits. Photos are a large part of what makes design and content work well for your business, too.

After your photoshoot, I will send a personal link to your photos online for you to share or order as you wish.

Senior portrait season is coming up and great content is always in style. For details and pricing on photography services, please contact Marty here.

If you need professional in-studio product photos with specialized lighting, scenic design or makeup, I will help direct your photoshoot with a local studio photographer.
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